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  • “The EZ towel was very easy to use. It only took a small amount of water to activate it. I really liked to convenient 10 tablet vile that was included in the package. It will fit easily into a backpack, vest, or anywhere space is at a premium. I found multiple uses for it around the house as well as during fishing and hunting. The towel is very strong and can be rinsed and reused for easy clean-up after field dressing or cleaning your hands after releasing a fish. I like the fact that you add your own liquid because you can use plain water or any of the scent removal products. I have also added these to all my first aid kits in my cars, motorcycle, boat, and camper to apply antiseptic or use as bandages. The fact that they are biodegradable appealed to me as well.”

    Michael C.


    James G.

  • “I would recommend this product to anybody it is really easy to store, its easy to use, its so easy just add a couple drops of water!”

    Lloyd M.

  • “Its the best little product I've seen in a long time. Its definitely not a novelty its a must have item.”

    Ron S.

  • “We took these towels with us on 2 turkey hunts and it was wonderful to be able to pour some water from a water bottle and have a towel that you could wipe your face with and cool off some. It was also nice because we ride ATV's in to where we hunt and we sometimes get mud and dirt on the guns and it was nice to use to clean them off.”

    Lee A.

  • “This was my first product test and I was a little sceptic when I received it. I didn't think that any worth while towel could come in a "pill" form. However, after adding a little water the product swelled and expanded much like the foam toys I enjoyed as a kid. I then unrolled the towel and found it to be about half the size of a normal paper towel. I have been pleasantly surprised. The product is quite durable. I have used it for everything from cleaning my windshields while it was wet and sopping up oil on the driveway while it was dry to using it as a cooling towel while at the range on a hot day and wiping the dirt off my sons face after he plays.”

    Jared M.

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