EZ Towels are durable, full-sized hand towels made of 100% Rayon. EZ Towels come compressed in a convenient tablet size, all you need to do is add water and watch it grow! EZ Towel is soft, durable, and bio-degradable. Great for home, office, restaurants, school daycare, camping, fishing, and more!

EZ Towel Uses?

How many times have you been out on a fishing adventure and you needed a napkin or paper towel to cleanup with? The problem is…where can you put paper towels and how can you keep them from tearing apart and making a bigger mess? You Can’t! There is no room for them and there is no way to keep them from getting nasty, ripping apart and making just as much of a mess as the fish you catch.

That’s where EZ Towel can help you out. All you need is a few drops of water and you will have a wet towel instantly at your disposal. EZ Towel is a nickle-sized towel that is activated with a little water. This durable little towel will not rip to pieces and can clean your hands, fishing gear and more.

Have you ever been out on a hunting adventure and started sweating so bad that you had to keep wiping the sweat from your face with your messy hands and sleeves? How many times would a paper towel have come in handy? I’m sure there have been at least a dozen times, but paper towels and napkins are not very convenient for hunters. They fall apart when they get wet and they only add to the big mess.

EZ Towel can help solve this dilemma. They can cleanup the messes associated with hunting quickly and easily. Simply wet the EZ Towel tablet with a few drops of water, watch it expand and unfold for use on your hands, face and hunting gear. These handy little towels can fit right in your pocket and can be taken with you anywhere.

Have you ever taken your baby out for a stroll and needed a wipe, but you had to dig through the diaper bag for a huge tub of wipes that are a pain to open? How many times would a simple little wet wipe have come in handy? I’m guessing many times! But the problem with regular wet wipes is having to tear open the packet to get the wipe out. It’s just as much of a pain as digging out the tub of wipes. While your digging for the baby wipes or struggling to open the wet wipes package, your baby is smearing her messy fingers on her face, clothing, stroller and more. If only you had an instant wet wipe readily available for use!

EZ Towel can help cleanup baby messes in no time. Just wet the little coin-sized towel with a few drops of water, watch it expand and unfold it for an instant wet wipe at your disposal.