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  • How do you use an EZ Towel?
    All you need to do is add water and watch it grow! Once the EZ Towel is activated, unroll it and its ready for use. They are soft, durable and bio-degradable.
  • So what is an EZ Towel?
    EZ Towels are durable, full-sized towels made of 100% Rayon. They come compacted in a convenient tablet size making them ultra portable


  • Do we need to notify anybody if we decide to return the product?
    Yes please notify us if you decide to return the product. Returns that are sent without our prior knowledge could potentially be refused.
  • Do you accept returns?
    Yes, returns are accepted if they are sent back within three days of the delivery confirmation.


  • Are expedited and international shipping methods available?
    Expedited and international shipping methods are available upon request. Please contact kurt@eztowel.com for requests.
  • How is the price of shipping determined?
    Orders are shipped via USPS Priority Mail or UPS Ground. The prices are the standard  rates taken from USPS and UPS. Shipping prices are calculated using weight and zip code.